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They are the first company to launch a recycling program for tights, stockings, pantyhose, etc.

They transform unwanted or worn out pantyhose into playground equipment, running tracks and park benches.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, while hosiery or legwear in some form was worn by women for modesty, warmth, and protection, dresses were kept long and stockings kept short.

While there were some playful patterns in hosiery, the fashion of this time was still modest, and stockings were typically hidden under clothing.

In 1945, the end of the war, Macy's sold out of their entire stock of 50,000 pairs of nylons in just 6 hours!

It's no secret that stockings were all the craze in the 1940's, but there was still one issue; they weren't self-supporting.

Have you ever taken a look at your Vienne Milano thigh highs and wondered how women could ever live without them?

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Let’s be green together by reusing or recycling old pantyhose! We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly group of individuals that provide a service to the planet and our customers by helping others recycle and raise funds for their cause.

The queen adored the softness and comfort of the luxury accessory and decided to wear silk stockings for the rest of her life.

Since stockings of this time were made of materials such as silk and wool, they were not elastic or supportive and had to be kept up by garters or made fully-fashioned, meaning custom made.

By the 1920's, hemlines were on the rise, and so too was the popularity of hosiery to cover exposed legs.

The typical stocking of the roaring twenties would come up to just above the knee and be secured by a garter.

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