Paleo diet dating

The upside is that switching from processed foods is a healthy change.

But key to the purported benefits of a Paleo diet for our ancestors was their way of life – living outdoors, in nature, and being very active, something that few people in the modern world can faithfully replicate. Weil agrees that strictly avoiding processed and manufactured foods is a worthy goal and feels that a Paleo regime can lead to better health.

The Paleo diet is based on the “discordance hypothesis,” which holds that today’s chronic diseases result from dietary and activity patterns that differ from those of our hunter-gatherer predecessors.

The Paleo group lost an average of 14 pounds of fat in six months compared to 6 pounds for those on the low-fat diet.

Over a year, the women in the Paleo group lost an average of 19 pounds compared to 10 pounds for those on the low-fat diet.

They managed without salt, sugar, dairy foods, vegetable oils, and grains.

Our distant ancestors had a healthier way of eating than we do, although it is unlikely that we would find many of the foods they ate appealing.

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