Overseas internet dating scams

The scenarios we’re going to talk about below may seem completely obvious when you see the scam details laid out in plain type, but they can be made to sound incredibly plausible when they unfold step by step and your emotions are involved.

In fact, one recent article in the reported that the online dating scams they studied had a conversion rate of more than 50 per cent, which meant that more than half of people targeted on romance websites end up losing money!

One popular version of this plays off the meet-up scam: The big day is here, they’re finally coming and you’ll get to meet! they ring you and tell they’re at the airport all ready to come visit, but suddenly their credit card was rejected.

They urgently need to borrow some money to pay for the ticket and catch the plane.

Romance scams are usually a form of organized crime.

Sure, some scammers are individuals, but many involve syndicates.

They are literally call centers, with people running multiple relationships.

They might say/write that they feel like you’re “the one,” or tell you they love you.

They will say things that paint vivid pictures of happy romance in your mind, like, ““I can’t wait to marry you and hold your hand to show the whole world how much I love you.” 2.

If you met on a dating site, a scammer will try and move you away from the site to communicate via private chat or email as quickly as possible.

They stalk you online and get a sense of your likes and dislikes.

Then, when they connect with you, they pretend to have all these things in common with you. The scammer will often pretend to be a professional working overseas—an American vet working in Dubai, for example.

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