Outlook 2016 exchange stuck updating inbox

The first thing to check is whether all messages that you expect to be on the mail server (via webmail) are still there as well.

You don’t actually have to check each and every message.

In general, Outlook will indeed display which folder it is currently synching in the Status Bar.

When it is not, it usually is synching additional mailbox information and data such as the folder hierarchy, Views or Quick Steps.

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Lately I’m having some sync issues with my mailbox.We're going to open a new ticket with MS but we're also pretty much out of ideas.Has anyone in The Great Ars Hivemind run into something similar?It also only displays “To monitor Outlook’s synching processing more closely, you can open the Microsoft Exchange Connection Status dialog.To do this, hold CTRL when clicking on the Outlook icon in the Notification Area and then select Connection Status…

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