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The algorithm should be designed in a way where users get the best match analyzing their data sets.

Choices: Platform should have ample adequate amount of choices available.

No doubt this has to be the first step towards the goal.

Not just with online dating, but for any business, to keep in mind the user expectations of its targeted audience is the base on which a successful business will stand.

Push Notification: Users get notified about important events where either someone took interest in their profile, or their profile matched with the other or if someone sent them a message User Interface: Tinder owes its success to a clean and neat User Interface. With a hefty amount of data and features to be presented under one platform, it’s easy to get distracted. Keeping the user interface simple and effortless leads to a successful user journey intended for the platform.

Matchmaking: Segmenting the user profiles according to criteria based on age, location, profile, interests, mutual connections etc.

Location targeting or mapping is one of the most critical feature for an online dating platform. Mapping allows to build important features of the platform like geocoding, geohashing, proximity awareness.

On the other hand, when users meet other individuals on dating platforms, the first step is already cleared–everyone knows that the other person is interested in dating.The system needs to avoid Choice Paralysis in all case.Custom Profiles: This should enable users to visit and view different profiles they are interested in.Cut to today, dating is still the same–knowing the other person by spending time with them which may or may not lead to a long-term significant other. When people today talk about dating, most of the times it is online. This is because people love to connect with each other especially when they know that they are on a shared platform where each one of them is looking for something common: a partner to date.Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not echo this purpose.

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