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To pre-register or obtain additional information on Freshman Connection, N 357-5675 or write Freshman Connection, Office of Admissions and bruiting, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, La., 71497. Northwestern State University of Louisiana Founded 1884 June 26, 1990 Northwestern's Newspaper Volume 79, Number 2 Over 300 mourn higher education Senator: 'I'm sorry that you have to come and beg for this' By SARAH ROBINSON Staff Writer Students and faculty from univer- sities across the state were among the mourners at a "funeral rally" for higher education on June 1 9.At a glance * Flag burning is wrong, but it's legal. Held on the steps of the Louisiana State Capi- tol, the marchers protested for in- creased funding in higher education. " Representatives from UNO, Delgado Community College, Gram- bling S tate University, Mc Neese State University, LSU-Baton Rouge, Uni- versity of Southwestern Louisiana, Southeastern Louisiana University, LSU-Shreveport, Southern Univer- sity, and Louisiana Tech were in at- tendance demanding more money from the legislature for higher educa- tion.To register or obtain additional information about the fabric painting wkshop, call the Division of Continuing Education and Community Serv- es at 357^570. "The June 30 deadline allows plenty of time to enter." Poets may send one original poem, no more than 20 lines, with their name "d address on the top of the page, to American Poetry Association, Dept. The sessions, which are scheduled for July 16-17 and July 30-31, are Signed to provide new students the opportunity to avoid the long lines of gular fall registration by registering early for undergraduate classes and to Hiliarize themselves with the Northwestern campus.Poetry deadline June 30 The deadline for entering the American Poetry Association's contest is me 30. The registration fee of for each session, along with ACT scores, must ; submitted to the Office of Admissions and Recruiting by the deadline date *the session the incoming freshman would like to attend.The main goal for today's activities is to register incoming freshman and in- form students of how registration procedures work.One visiting parent commented that she "enjoyed Natchi- toches and the hospitality of all the Northwestern staff and Freshman Connection Directors." Another important event that takes place today is the "Freshman Con- nection Activities Expo." This pro- gram was established by Freshman Connection coordinator Gail Jones to provide the incoming students with an insight into the different activities that take place on campus.Sonya Nolley, a incoming freshman from Natchitoches, said, "This is a really great way to meet people and have an advantage over other stu- dents who have not registered." One of the much awaited activities that allowed freshman to meet their fel- low classmates was the dinner and dance that night in the Student Union Ballroom.Throughout the entire two days, freshman will be able to register for classes, take campus tours (so they won't walk to the library looking for the post office), and meet with and talk to their advisors in each individ- ual department and/or major.

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The festival, which has been hon- ored twice in the past 10 years by the Southeastern Tourism Society as one of the top 20 events in July, will feature four sessions in Prather Coli- seum; nighttime music shows Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. This will be a three-day home- coming for native Americans to a place that has figured prominently in their history.

"I'm sorry that you have to come here and beg for this," said Senator J. Jumonville, D-Ventress, as he addressed more than 300 students who had braved 100-degree weather to attend the rally. The Louisiana State University Jazz Band played "Every Man a King," Long's theme song, as the procession moved to- ward the speakers' platform. Six students represented North- western: Kate Nance, Charlotte Holmes, Michael Mc Mahon, Student Government Association Senators- at-Large Lisa Simms and Brent Cockrell, and SGA President Sarah Robinson.

"You should not have to come and ask me to vote for taxes; you shcfuld be assured you're going to be funded without taxes." The rally began at 1 p.m. Shouts of "Support Higher Education" and "Stop Faculty Flight" rang out from the crowd. Cockrell said, "I think we really showed the legislature and Gov- ernor Roemer that we are serious about higher education and that the state's universities will no longer accept excuses." directions Photo by H.

to midnight and daytime programs Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. Caddo, Choctaw, Creek, Houma, Seminole, Cherokee, Yuchi, Koasati, Chickasaw, Delaware, Alabama, Tunica-Biloxi, Chitimacha, Lumbee and many other tribes will bring their unique cultures to NSU for this cele- bration of Indian life.

Tribal representatives will prepare traditional foods, share their songs, dance and music, and demonstrate traditional southeastem-style bas- ketry, silverwork, woodwork and hide-tanning, as well as other crafts.

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