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But in this material world of online hookups and speed dating, finding that special someone whose soul speaks to yours can seem like an impossible task.

Apparently relationships and love seem to permeate many aspects of my life (and my friends' lives)...I find that when we get together, we end up talking about this subject inevitably. If your date recognizes his sacredness and has plenty of self-respect, there is good potential that he can see your sacredness, too.But as much as we talk about it, we always just circle around the same ideas--many of which have become cliche. In your relationships with yourself, this shows up in your unconditional acceptance and love for your true, authentic self" "This is premise one of spiritual dating: You are sacred. Their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls are so very sacred. Seeing other people's sacredness is a natural follow-up to seeing your own.I started it, but stopped because I was reading many books at once. I do plan on re-reading it with a book to write in to get the best benefit from the information shared. Would like to thank the author for the "extra" that arrived with the book. This book takes you from where you are now to where you want to be relationship wise.Has you looking at yourself, and what I really enjoyed this book.

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