Objectdatasource updating input parameters

Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises event, you can examine and manipulate the values of the parameters and perform any additional preprocessing that is required.Any changes to the parameters in this dictionary will affect which method overload is called for the operation.I have an aspx file that is using an Object Data Source. I have a textbox control in the Insert Item Template that I have have the text value bound to a database field, "DXCode".In this same Insert Item Template, I have other textbox fields bound in the same way to other database fields.

The city table records both the Country Id and Country name so I need to pass both the Text and value of the Drop Down List. But the microsoft portal ceview.updating(VS.80)the sample is adding Key / Value to the e. Us the database backup located in the App Data folder to recreate data source.

it will make the link between the datasource and the fromview.

You could do it the manual way, or you could just remove all the manual binding code and fix the parameter declaration to use the text field. dcadler, how are you performing the binding of the Drop Down List in order to filter on Select commands?

For Sql Data Source I can configure the external source for the incoming paramater.

For example it might be a Query String, Session, Profile and so on.

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