Nude camp in greece

It is a sort of a botanical tour called Kambio trail.

Follow a small stream all the way to its outfall into the sea. It is really wonderful if the weather is not too hot.

There's a dust-road where Kambia beach can be reached by a car.

Drive to Kambia village, pass it and after 1 km turn left here.

But there is also a high "textile-factor" all around the island, and not even topless sunbathing on the most popular beaches, as there are almost no visitors except Greeks.

Chios as a tourist-island is not over-exploited, mostly due to runway (! Many visitors come to like this "25 year set-back" in Greek touristic history.

So, if you don't mind bringing your own lunch to the beach, and don't mind walking a bit, then Chios is truly paradise (no serpents nor apples).

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You can stop at the village and take an hour hike down the Kambio ravine.

Brits often have a reputation for being prudish so you may be surprised to find out that located on the north-eastern tip of Dorset lies the aptly names Studland Beach.

The nudist area which is marked out by signs is surrounded by sand dunes and a backdrop of heather, so it’s perfect for those who want some seclusion.

You should rent a car or motorbike, as there is a lot to see and do around the island (but the Captain advises you to take great care if you do rent a motorbike). We found places that were easily accessible, but so deserted that we would have 100 metres of sand beach absolutely to ourselves.

We could even go for long walks nude, the only thing bothering us was the spiky bushes that grow everywhere.

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