Non smoking dating site

For example, I met someone who was "420 friendly", so to speak, and began asking them questions to determine how prominent that was in their life.

When I ultimately told them I wasn't as big of a fan of it, it ended up coming off standoffish - like I had been asking all of these questions about their habits to do some kind of judgement based on my own counter opinion.

If someone asked me up front, directly but politely, I wouldn't be offended and would just answer honestly.

This is no different from, say, finding the right religion (where again, some couples manage to have a mixed marriage, but most fail, so why not start from any easy connection?

When is the best time to bring this up, assuming we're at the initial chatting phase and they haven't agreed to a date yet?

In my dating experience, I've found that prying too much about a topic I take an opposing stance on has been problematic.

Spending too much time around smoke can also give me a headache.

I might have hyperosmia (a heightened sensitivity to smell) - the smell of smoke isn't the only smell I have a problem with, but it tends to be the most consistently problematic.

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