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This, and other examples confirm that adult content remains a controversial topic from both a social and cybersecurity standpoint.It is no secret that digital pornography has long been associated with malware and cyberthreats.That is why this year we decided to repeat our exercise and investigate the topic once again. To measure the level of risk that may be associated with adult content online, we investigated several different indicators.We examined malware disguised as pornographic content, and malware that hunts for credentials to access pornography websites.

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The authors used web Xray, an open-source software tool, which detects and matches third-party data requests to scan sites.In addition, even commercial giant Starbucks declared a ‘holy war’ on porn as it was revealed that many visitors prefer to have their coffee while consuming adult content, rather than listening to music or reading the latest headlines on news websites.Such measures might well be valid, at least from a cybersecurity perspective, as the following example suggests.That said, our monitoring of the wider cyberthreat landscape shows that threat actors tend to change their habits, tactics and techniques over time.This means that even in a niche area, such as pornographic content and websites, changes are possible.

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