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(In contrast my mum was wearing a snazzy pink-and-black striped jumper and bright red trousers.) I must confess that I occasionally glanced at Lisa's cleavage, as her chubby tits were quite a fair size and the jumpers she wore - whilst rather dowdy- were often quite low cut, and her round boobs often looked to be fighting to spring free.

Otherwise though, Lisa was one of the very few women I'd ever fantasized about sexually.

Afterwards I washed my hands and face and felt the beginnings of an erection.

"Don't mind me ladies," I declared, dismissively waving at them, "I'm just passing through." I saw that there was a movie on the television, whereby Hugh Grant was acting all nervous in front of a woman. "Not heard of that," shrugged Lisa, looking forlonly at her now empty wine glass. "There's a sex scene," promised my mum, causing me to flinch, as would any teenaged boy when his mother utterered the word 'sex'. " I asked my mum and Lisa, trying to change the subject from sex. "Then we talked about porn," Lisa began, " and your mum was wondering..." "You were wondering," my mum corrected her friend. " I asked, knowing the answer would be a bit rude but perversely wanting it confirmed.

I went into the kitchen and hunted around the fridge. "We were wondering," Lisa restarted, and then she broke into giggles. "We wondered," Lisa began, pausing to look at my mum before returning her bespectacled gaze onto me, "if you.... " She giggled and slapped my mum's shoulder playfully. " "Lisa wants to know," mum said, "if you surf for porn on that computer you're so frequently glued to." My natural instinct was to deny this outrageous accusation, but I didn't because (a) it was true and (b) Lisa and mum were giggly and half-drunk and I kinda felt like getting into their mood and fooling around. "Some woman having about a dozen guys cum on her," I casually replied, barely able to accept that I was indulging in this conversation with my own mother. " my mum said, once again shocking me by her having knowledge of this term. " I asked, slightly amused at the naughty turn of the conversation and also eager to fit my role of the man-of-the-house, namely the provider of intoxicating liquors.

Lisa worked as a librarian and, to be fair, she looked the part.

Without wanting to sound mean, she was...well, rather nerdy. She was twenty-nine-years-old, five-foot-five in height and a little plump.

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