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Dacre was born in 1994 in Perth, Western Australia.

His mother is Australian-Canadian and his father is a New Zealander.

My parents worked in the film industry, but they both worked behind the camera, so I like to think that I have a really good understanding of how all the parts of the puzzle come together to make a film or TV show.

Poppy Montgomery has found success and prominence by playing the dramatic role of FBI agent Samantha Spade in the popular TV series "Without a Trace" (2002).

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Montgomery was born with the name Poppy Petal Donahue. Since the age of 12 Poppy had a near obsession with cultural icon Marilyn Monroe.

Poppy's greatest wish was fulfilled when she got cast as her childhood idol.

When she told her family that she'd won the role, Poppy's mother blithely commented "Well, you've been rehearsing for it your whole life." Montgomery gained weight for the part to more closely resemble Monroe. In 2002 Montgomery joined the original cast of the soon-to-be-successful TV series "Without a Trace" (2002).

On being offered the part, she later said, "They (the producers) called me up and said, 'Will you do it?

' I said, 'Um' and they said, 'Anthony La Paglia is in it' and I said, 'sure'.

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