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One former military officer argues that had the government immediately turned over food and shelter distribution to the army from the outset of the crisis, the entire situation would be different:–help would move more quickly and fairly, foreign assistance would be more efficiently put to use, and victims would feel more confident.(A minor item in today’s [] press –day 24 of the crisis- carries the first news of this “So why didn’t this happen on day one? “Ah, that would have been impossible; such a policy might steal the glory and credit away from our politicians.“It’s the only way to assure fairness and to avoid delays, graft, and mismanagement”, notes one agency staff.

Russia had signed the decree after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution in 2001 on the establishment of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, calling on all countries to cooperate with ISAF in its mission.

A new piece was introduced to the puzzle Tuesday night when Michael Morrell, once acting chief of the CIA and Bush’s intelligence briefer prior to the invasion, appeared on with Chris Matthews.

For the first time, the person that actually delivered that “flawed” intel directly to President Bush told exactly what went down, and it is absolutely infuriating.

Watch excerpts of Chris Matthews’ Hardball segment with Bush intelligence briefer Mike Morell: On Monday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a document which revoked a previous decree on NATO cargo transit to Afghanistan, including the delivery of military hardware and equipment via rail, motor vehicles or by air through Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry was also tasked with informing all the relevant countries of the Kremlin’s new decision.

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