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Although many assemblies overturned previous judgements, and many family reunions took place, it had little impact in the long term as it simply reopened old scars, although some contacts were quietly maintained.Later comments in 2009 appear to be at odds with Kevin Rudd's earlier statement.Despite the fact that in many jurisdictions they receive rate rebates which require them to be places of 'public worship', two of their services are closed to those who are not members in good standing: the Lord's Supper and the monthly Care Meeting, however they do hold 10 services a week, 9 of which are 'open'.In theory, well disposed members of the public are free to come to their gospel preachings and other meetings, but in practice most 'gospel preaching' has been done on street corners, although they claim not to seek to make converts, instead preferring to 'leave the word of God hanging in the air'.

Services on Sunday start with the "Lord's Supper" at 6 am and worship in small groups.

The Brethren reserve all social activities for those with whom they celebrate the "Lord's Supper" (their name for the Eucharist), excluding even family who are not members of the sect.

Such activities include eating, drinking and entertainment, as well as club and professional memberships, directorships, shares.

In the aftermath to the Black Saturday fires in Australia in February 2009, a book commemorating the response and sacrifice of the emergency services, was published by students from a Brethren school, and the profits from the sales of this book were given to CFA stations to help with the replacement of lost equipment.

Kevin Rudd wrote the foreword for the book and described the Brethren school, as a 'resilient community coming together in response to this crisis'. Barrett in his book The New Believers expresses a counter to Rudd's earlier view, "Family life is important to the Exclusive Brethren: they devote a lot of care and attention to their children, who are brought up within a consistently sound moral code." He refers to the group as a sect but not a cult, which he claims is an unwarranted pejorative term when used in general parlance.

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