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First, a quick note about my love life: I’ve been with my boyfriend since first year of medical school (we met here and study at the same university), and we moved in together soon after we met.The purpose of this post is really to encourage people not to close themselves off from love for the sake of school or studies, regardless of the discipline.I didn’t originally sign up for this, but when you love someone you will do anything and everything for them…I love the life that we have created together and I can’t imagine it any other way!and I changed Chinese food in #8 to Pho because we would rather have Pho over Chinese any day!I also added a couple at the end (after #13) that are from my personal experience…Dating a med student is hard and to be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started dating my boyfriend.She would constantly say that I shouldn’t put my life on hold for the 10ish years that it’ll take to finish my studies&residency, because life and time don’t stop.

Medicine was just a distant thought in his mind and he already had a career… A few years after we met and started dating is when he began medical school and now he’s getting ready to start his third year [of school] soon. We have been through a LOT together and I know we are going to go through a lot more.The department offers a Ph D in Medical and Molecular Genetics, a combined MD/Ph D degree, MS degree in Medical and Molecular Genetics with an optional emphasis in genetic counseling, and fellowship training in clinical and laboratory medicine.Research interests of the Medical and Molecular Genetics faulty and genetic counselors encompass a variety of medical and educational topics in genetics.Areas of study include computational biology, neuroscience, musculoskeletal and cancer research.Housed in the IU School of Medicine Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, the Indiana University Genetic Testing Laboratories is a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development.

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