Matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating

Inoue Mao was not his sister, she was not his niece, she was not his cousin, she was not his neighbour and she was most definitely not his girlfriend or even friend for that matter.And yet he couldn't imagine his life without her presence.However, that cake came from a bakery owned by Rastafarians from Denmark. His chosen one is Nino, his friend and co-worker at the music shop Crescendo, who does not seem to be pleased at all about Aiba's sudden affection - at least not instantly.Suddenly Jun's mind drew a blank as he paused to look at Inoue Mao and nothing came to his mind. No word, no role fit cookie-cutter perfect on her presence in his life.But apparently, her family wants her to be married by the age of 30.

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The assignment wasn't anything out of the ordinary; rather it was too easy for Jin. Or just basically nothing but Sho beats himself up about his (at least he thought) unrequited love for Jun which he realized way too late and Jun dodges Mao's question about Sho.

The reasons for this is because they are really close to each other; they show it in public and interviews but there is no real confirmation from the agencies. you can see when he stares at Mao during shootings, pictorials and tv interviews.

you can see a dorky smile in him that you don't see quite often.

he never moves away from Mao and he welcomes their skinship unlike with other people where jun usually moves away... bye ---------------------------------- anonymous says: NO, jun and Mao are not dating..

not really, i think he hasa relationship with inoue Mao, co-star in hyd..they have the same rings..maybe they're together. yes they have some random sameness but they're not together.. Played Jimmy in "American Pie Presents Band Camp" in 2005. Played himself in "Band Camp Dirty Diary: American Pie Presents Band Camp DVD" in 2005.

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