Married dating australia

The Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) was amended with the 2017 recognition of same-sex marriages to exempt a minister of religion or religious marriage celebrant or chaplain from the prohibition of sex discrimination by refusing to marry same-sex couples.

State and territory officers who are allowed to register marriages (under a state law) can also solemnise marriages (i.e. Civil marriage celebrants are authorised to conduct and solemnise civil wedding ceremonies.

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There is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in Australia, so that casual visitors can lawfully marry in Australia, provided that a domestic marriage celebrant is employed, the requisite notice given, and other domestic requirements satisfied.

Marriages performed abroad are normally recognised in Australia if entered into in accordance with the applicable foreign law, and do not require to be registered in Australia.

It is not uncommon for Australian citizens or Australian residents to go abroad to marry.

Australian citizenship is not a requirement for marriage in Australia, nor for the recognition of a foreign marriage.

When one of the parties to a marriage is a non-citizen of Australia and the other is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or s permanent resident, the non-citizen may apply for an Australian “partner visa” to remain in Australia.

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