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Chicago The Cook County State's Attorney's Office is a governmental agency whose mission is to secure justice, promote the public health and safety, and serve as the legal representatives of Cook County. Washington Suite 3200 Chicago, IL 60602 312-603-1880 Email: [email protected]: Chicago Board of Education employs more than 26,000 teachers, and is responsible for educating about 420,000 students in 486 schools.

This will usually happen only if juvenile or criminal court proceedings are initiated against the parent or perpetrator.

The investigator will keep a copy of your signed non-disclosure statement in the case file.

If you were present at the interview and the case goes to court, you may be called to testify. The investigator goes to the home, speaks with the parents and the child, and then assesses whether the child is safe there.

If you don't feel comfortable, you have no obligation to confirm or deny the parent's suspicions.

If you feel threatened by a family member, call the police. If you made the report in good faith - meaning that you had reasonable cause to believe that child abuse occurred - you are protected by law. Mentor: Mandated Reporters should never assume that another professional who is involved with the child has already reported the situation to the Hotline.

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