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Nine synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.

Therefore, Nine does not support POP3/IMAP account like Yahoo or Web mails. However, supporting this feature in the near future would be tough because we are concentrating on supporting full features on Nine with Active Sync at this time ... hl=en&answer=2716936 You can set up your account on Nine if you are a paid Google Apps user.

Loading images from these promotional e-mails reveals a lot about you.

Marketers get a rough idea of your location via your IP address.

The category color is unable to be synced as well, so you should change the color on Nine manually.The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. This wiki How teaches you how to delete cached files from your Mac's Calendar app.This will solve problems such as a slow or unresponsive calendar, but it may also wipe your calendar's data; as such, you'll begin the process of clearing your calendar's cache by backing up your existing calendars.Unless you click on a link, marketers will have no idea the e-mail has been seen.While this means improved privacy from e-mail marketers, Google will now be digging deeper than ever into your e-mails and literally modifying the contents.

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