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Julian Schnabel himself came into the world—he was born in Brooklyn in 1951—wanting to play with oil paints, according to Susan Orlean’s 1995 interview with Julian’s father, Jack Schnabel. Schnabel the elder migrated to New York from Czechoslovakia at the age of 15.He was not of the art world.“My grandpa Jack was in the meat business, but he was very supportive of my father’s art.But in the end you've got to kind of baby feed people things, because if you look at what's happening in the art world, it's all about a gimmick.People need one thing that they focus on – whether it's a bird-shit painting by Dan Colen or a raindrop painting from Lucien Smith. I think that everyone's job as an artist is facing the challenge of making a surface that's different.

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I really try to think of what medium is going to capture what I want to say the most, and I don't want to limit myself to just one thing because these are all tools that are available to us.Stella is taking acting classes and helping her father with the music for his new film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Schnabel’s oldest, Lola, has published a book of her drawings and photographs, Remember Me. Currently, she’s working on putting together her first gallery show, and she recently directed a “fashion video” featuring her friend Zac Posen’s resort line for The fashion-plate Schnabel sisters, who have long since outgrown being compared to the Hiltons, have dated in a certain demimonde.And Vito has curated several well-received shows, including a retrospective of Ron Gorchov—an artist he’s credited with resurrecting—last June at P. (Chalk up a Viggo Mortensen for Lola and a Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, John Frusciante, for Stella.) Vito, for his part, has been photographed lately with models dripping off each shoulder.“There is no downside to being a Schnabel,” he said.The paintings are a series of chimerical scenes, freeform lines, and warm, balmy hues – exploring the relationship of various media in the artist's creation of unique, personal artwork.Whimsically clad in purple mascara and a flowing maxidress, Lola took a moment to discuss sunsets, the astral plane, and her creative process. I love my purple mascara – I've been wearing it since I was eighteen! LS: I made an etching at this place called Fondazione Il Bisonte, and I found that when you dig into copper, you can't really make any mistake, whatever line your hand creates becomes something.

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