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It is the only Latin American country to be listed as one of the world's oldest democracies.The country has year-round tropical climates with differing micro-climates depending on the elevation of the region. Winter is the rainy season, and summer which does not experience precipitation.Turrialba Chamber Chamber located in the crater of the Turrialba volcano, about 600 meters east of the active crater (looking west).Here you can see the latest view from 2 live web cams in 2 destinations in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.During the early 19th century coffee planted in Costa Rica and exported to Europe quickly became the Costa Rica’s primary export and source of income tight up to the 20th century.Most of the coffee planted for export was grown among heavily populated areas of Costa Rica in the Central Plateau after which it was transported via carts drawn by oxen and placed on ships at the Pacific port of Puntarenas.

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▪ Today it is still unclear how Costa Rica got its name.

Facts about Costa Rica ▪ In 1949 Costa Rica became the first one of few crowned nations without an armed force having constitutionally abolished its standing army.

▪ Costa Rica today is ranked as sixth in the world of Latin American countries within the Human Development Index and commended by the United Nations Development Program for achieving a much higher human development compared to other countries of similar income levels.

However due to its varying elevation within certain regions the country is known for experiencing varying climatic conditions from surrounding areas within local atmospheric zones.

Playa Grande Webcam My Playa Grande in collaboration with Earth Cam networks provided viewers with an impressive live broadcast of Playa Grande located at the summit of the Nicoya peninsula in the northwest corner of Costa Rica along the Pacific Ocean.

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