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So is a person’s job, where he or she pours time into learning what is necessary to create a product or service of value.

Many people spend forty hours a week — almost one-quarter of one’s life — working. So are the illicit substances that some people choose to ingest.

Not so long ago, interracial marriages were banned, as government endorsed and encouraged racism.

Of course, religion has generally driven our mores around dating and romance generally; and to the extent that governments have reinforced religions and spread their influence, one could argue that governments have thus shaped our dating society.

Partly, they believe that dating is too personal for government agents to get involved. One’s relationship with a significant other reflects unique and private aspects of one’s life, and is no business of the government.

But this argument falls flat, because dating is not the only element of one’s life that is personal.

To defenders of the state, “anarchy” is a scary concept.

They claim that we need government intervention to protect us or all hell will break loose.

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