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in turn, argue that the Southwest was taken from them by military aggression in the In Who Are We?

, Huntington argues that 1840s, and that the time for la reconquistaimmigrants, especially those from Mexico, has arrived.

, he is writ-but insightful book Bobos in Paradise: The ing as a patriot and a scholar, in that order.

New Upper Class and How They Got There thatone way to make it in our public intellectual Taken on its own, the threat-response the-life is to be dead wrong.

identity, and unity by non-acculturating Mexicans, likewise finds little support in the The Threat of Secession? To reiterate, I have no intention of The threat of secession is fear mongering at playing Huntington’s game and getting miredits extremist form. Huntington claimssimilar claims have been made about many that a major sign that Mexicans are refusingimmigrant groups, including Catholic immi- to become part of the American society isgrants.

Few developments consti- in “he said; she said” or “this or that polltute a more effective call to arms than the shows.” It suffices to cite but a few pieces ofnotion that someone is in the process of tak- data that demonstrate that the threats heing their homes and homeland and annexing depicts are simply not in to a foreign nation. (Indeed, at one time it was thought that they do not marry individuals outside ofthat Catholic immigrants’ religious beliefs their ethnic group.

According to place (or, is one of the major options that the Huntington, it is not entirely the Mexicans’ nation faces).probable reaction from a once dominant (Huntington 2004: 221)1 ethnic-racial group that feels threatened by the rise of other groups. The Bell Curve, for exam-from Mexico should end—a solution that he ple, includes a very large body of statisticalseems to think could lead to the resolution of tables and numerous correlations. Indeed, he con- some merit in showing that the data selectedsiders this possibility at some length, writing for use in these works and the ways in whichthat “The possibility of a de facto split they are interpreted are grossly misleadingbetween predominately Spanish-speaking (the ability to demonstrate the true measure America and English-speaking America of the threat is essential to the arguments ofwould disappear, and with it a major poten- both Huntington and his critics).It could pro-1 Books by Samuel Huntington cited: ———. However, atial threat to the cultural and possibly politi- warning is called for.This technique enables nativistfault; it is also the doing of liberal policies.sentiments to be voiced and anti-immigrant He writes: policies to be put forth, while the author can maintain that he is merely reporting the pos- In the late twentieth century, develop- sible or likely outcomes of ignoring the dan- ments occurred that, if continued, could gerous threat posed by immigration.

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