Lea michele and ryan murphy dating

She posted a series of photos of herself wearing a black underwear set, with the ‘Finn’ tattoo on her thigh clearly visible and captioned with a black heart.

The tattoo is actually one of at least two bits of ink Lea has in honour of Cory, the other being the number ‘5’ to represent the number on the quarterback jersey his character wore in Glee.

The actor had been open about his struggles with substance abuse as a teenager, entering drug rehabilitation at 19-years-old after an intervention from friends and family.

Lea’s ‘Finn’ tattoo was actually inked while Cory was alive, as she revealed in 2016 that she had got it done in 2011.

“I will say, not to bring it down or anything, when Cory Monteith died.

I don’t think the show ever came back from that,” Kevin said.

On July 13, 2013, prior to the beginning of filming for Season 5, Monteith tragically passed away from a drug overdose.

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“Towards the end, there weren’t that many people watching ,” he told The Huffington Post.Lea Michele on totaling her car on the way to her audition Lea Michele: I was listening to music and singing “On My Own” in the car and about to pull into the Fox lot and totaled my car at the time. I ran up the lot pulling glass out of my hair, and I had nicks on my body.I ran into the building – and exactly what Rachel Berry would have done – they were like, you don’t need to audition today!“So I don’t know how many people would then watch a spinoff.We’re off the air for a reason.” Kevin also said that he thinks the show jumped the shark when they lost one of the show’s stars.

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