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🐝 Balance changes: Those bees are really shaking things up! Interface changes: chat area moved up (and player list removed to make room), new quest notifications, added setting to turn off pollen numbers Map changes: Pine Tree Forest is now shorter but wider, glass roof over Red HQ, a few other tweaks Gummy Bee moved next to Ant Gate, now costs gumdrops instead of tickets Festive Bee is now for sale in the Ticket Tent Balancing changes February 23, 2019: The 6th Annual Bloxy Awards have been announced, and Bee Swarm Simulator won in three categories: Best Social Club, Gameplay (co-winner), and the big one: Game of the Year! See Updates for information about previous updates.

Mini-Update April 5, 2019: New Black Bear quests New items: micro-converters, field dice, a couple of new tools...

=SUMIF(1,2,3) 1: This is the column where Excel is going to look for your citeria, in this case it is column A because that is where all the houses were listed 2: This is where I tell excel what I want it to look for, in this case I have clicked on the cell that has the House name in it in my final points table, I could also have typed “Ravenclaw”.

3: Select the column that has all the fucking pointless points in it (aka, column B) NB: To select an entire column you can click on the damn letter on the top of the column you want, like click on the actual fucking letter at the top. I’m drunk and I think I may have just insulted both Harry Potter fans and Excel experts.

But fuck it, if I see Voldemort I am going just stand there screaming I WANT TO PIVOT YOU until he gets concerned and offers me a cup of tea.

Forget the cold, forget the weird use of the word ‘pants’, the biggest shock for everyone arriving in London is the sudden and overwhelming lack of friends.

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The tune's hook flips Jay-Z's iconic lyrics - with Sid Diamond chanting "I got 99 problems and they all bitches." On that note, the track is about sluzzy bitches at gigs who throw themselves at artists, knowing full well the artist is in a committed relationship. You'll get to take in the Lee Mvtthews' live set in all its gnashy glory.

You copied your Transfiguration homework from Hermione and it wasn’t until just before class that you realised she passive aggressively wrote an extra bit at the start of each spell so that you would be marked wrong. The MID formula lets you take the middle part out of a string of text.

=MID(1,2,3) 1: the click the cell that the text is currently in 2: Write the number of the letter you want it to start with, in this example I want all the spells to start on the 2 letter, so I am going to write the number 2 3: What letter do you want to end with?

Because all my spells are different lengths I have just put 100 so that it captures all of the rest of the spell. Well it is the end of the school year and the entirely random allocation of house points has been done (Longbottom getting ten for standing up to his friends just reeks of a rigged system created by a crazed despot).

But because wizards clearly have no understanding of structure it is time to add up the meaningless points.

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