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Studios buzz Buck Henry, he says, for reports on the whereabouts of the elusive Miss May.

When I tracked her down, she was performing with Peter Falk at the Goodman Theater in Chicago in a play she’d written for an evening of three new one-acts by Chicago writers.

That puts him on a very short list of people who have been nominated for an Oscar AND have been publicly accused of rape. — Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu) January 23, 2018 Good morning. ZO3ubvij — Jesse Thorn (@Jesse Thorn) January 23, 2018 Clearly there’s a statute of limitations on assault accusations if the Academy is snubbing James Franco but nominating Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant #Oscars — Amanda Laikin (@amanda_laikin) January 23, 2018Every year at the Academy Awards, there are inevitably certain nominees that raise eyebrows in surprise and glaring omissions that furrow those eyebrows in anger.

, the Broadway musical he was doctoring in Boston, it took him two weeks just to locate her.

Also Read: Kobe Bryant Has Not One But 2 Jerseys Retired: ' Forever Immortalized, Truly Legendary' The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, with Bryant making the list as the subject, writer and producer of “Dear Basketball,” an animated short based on a poem he wrote as he announced his retirement from the sport.

The nomination raised some eyebrows in light of Hollywood’s recent reckoning with sexual assault and harassment after the downfall of Harvey Weinstein and the rise of the #Me Too movement.

“He lifted up my skirt, took off my underwear and, and came inside me,” she told police, saying that she repeatedly told him “no” and began crying.

“Then he leaned his face toward mine and asked me if I liked it when a guy came on my face, I said no. Grabbed and like tightened his hold on my neck, I said no.

And Elaine May hadn’t done much of anything in public since her husband of twenty years, psychiatrist David Rubenfine (shrink to the stars), died suddenly in early ’83.He said he was gonna do it anyway.” When questioned by police, Bryant first denied that anything happened with the accuser, but he reversed course after he was informed that she submitted to a physical exam.He later admitted to a sexual encounter but continued to deny the assault accusation.” Anyone with a clue to May’s personal life, though, couldn’t help reading into the play a subtext of May trying to contact her shrink husband (from whom she was separated when he died).The character demanding from the suicide counselor as if from God one good reason to go on living was also wondering why a mean bitch like herself deserved to live.

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