Is jason varitek dating heidi whatney

She has worked as a sports reporter and assistant producer for KUSI News in San Diego.

Watney has served as the Boston Red Sox field reporter for New England Sports Network from 2008-2011 and has covered the Los Angeles Galaxy for Time Warner Sports Net.

She has competed in the 2002 Miss California pageant, where she was the first runner-up.

Heidi Watney put her first step into the journalism career working as a sports anchor and host for KMPH-TV and KFIg-AM radio in Fresno, California.

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She finished her university education graduating with honors in 2003.

When there are complaints that reporters are in bed with their sources, it’s rarely meant literally.

But that’s a delicate situation that the Red Sox, again and again, have found themselves in, as relationships that begin as professional evolve into something more.

The couple dated for several months but the relationship did not last long.

Additionally, she was also rumored to have an affair with Jason Varitek in early 2008, the affair was controversial as Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek were rumored to be dating even before Varitek was officially divorced. She is currently married to her long term boyfriend, Mike Wickham who is the Director of Baseball Operations at Miami Marlins LLC.

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