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“She got hurt that I didn’t want to be in any sort of relationship after we had a crush on each other,” he said.

Johnny and Averey “The Real World: Portland” love birds Johnny and Averey have their work cut out for them this season.

Being true to his character, Knight said he was more interested in toying with his former love than winning the cash prize.

“I know how to get under her skin very well,” he said.

The show will be dedicated to both Brown and Ryan Knight.

Diem Brown‘s birthday was celebrated just how she would have wanted it.

“Diem loved working out, jumping around to music and spending time with friends, which is exactly what we did last night,” her sister Megan told Page Six of Monday night’s fundraiser at New York’s Rumble Boxing.

“It was incredible,” Rumble Boxing instructor Noah Neiman told us.

“We went from feeling the loss and sadness and used that as a tool to be positive and to be stronger and work harder because that’s what Diem would have wanted and that’s what I saw throughout the class.” Neiman, who led the class, knew Diem for about six years during his time as a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp.

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