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In doing so, they can apply search filters with regard to criteria such as age, location and other attributes.Offline dating agencies or online purchased tickets for speed dating or similar events are not included.Online shopping statistics show that while brick-and-mortar purchases still make up a majority of consumer spending, online shopping is steadily on the rise.Many legacy brick-and-mortar chains are struggling to stay open. Sales made directly through smartphones is expected to hit 9 billion by 2022.The user base covers paying and non-paying customers.Statista, July 2019; Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market Outlook","href":"https:\/\/ Item Names":["Total","Paying Online Dating users","Non-paying Online Dating users"],"colors":["#2876dd","#0f283e","#bababa","#ffb300","#87bc24","#d81900","#a15bce","#76c798","#76a5e3","#d60066","#c69c6d","#3f6801","#f78100","#a60b0b","#5d2b76","#099676","#005caf","#800a39","#753c24"]}]" Statista, July 2019; Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market Outlook","href":"https:\/\/ Item Names":["Total","Paying Online Dating users"],"colors":["#2876dd","#0f283e","#bababa","#ffb300","#87bc24","#d81900","#a15bce","#76c798","#76a5e3","#d60066","#c69c6d","#3f6801","#f78100","#a60b0b","#5d2b76","#099676","#005caf","#800a39","#753c24"]}]" The “Revenue” box shows the forecasted revenue development of the selected market (market segment, region) for each year.Desktop users make up 32% of total traffic but 56% of purchases. Of Generation Z consumers, 76.7% have made online impulse buys, and 78.2% of millennials have made online impulse purchases. Buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS) is gaining popularity with shoppers as it allows them to browse and compare products from the comfort of their homes, and still pick up the product immediately without having to wait or pay for shipping. online shoppers say that a free return policy influences their decision to purchase “a lot.” A free return policy impacts 37% of online shoppers’ decision to purchase “a little.” (Source: NPR/Marist Poll). Electronics are the second most popular type of product to purchase online, with 48% of all U. adults having purchased a TV, computer, speaker, or headphones online. Solutions that allow customers to buy now and pay later help increase online shopping sales.A high 85% of shoppers are aware of BOPIS, 70% of those aware of BOPIS have tried it, and 65% of those who have tried it say that BOPIS improved their shopping experience. About 75 percent of consumers expect free shipping even on orders of less than . consumers that shop online say that they rarely (65%) or never (26%) return purchases that they make online. For small online retailers, it can take a lot of online and social media advertising to bring new customers to your website. About 70% of baby boomers report that having a financing option doesn’t influence them to make a purchase they otherwise wouldn’t have considered. However, consumers are also using retail websites and social media to discover products, read reviews, and compare pricing before making a purchase online or offline.

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Statista, July 2019; Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market Outlook","href":"https:\/\/ Item Names":["US","CN","GB","DE","FR","IN","BR","JP","CA","AU","RU","KR","ES","NL","TR","IT","ID","MX","SE","AR","PL","CH","ZA","HK","CO","AT","EG","TH","SA","BE","CL","FI","BD","VN","IL","AE","NG","NO","IR","DZ","DK","MY","PT","SG","CZ","IE","UA","MA","PE","RO","NZ","PH","KZ","QA","CR","ET","CM","MM","HU","UZ","GH","PY","SK","TN","DO","SD","CI","EC","HR","GR","LK","PK","IQ","GT","KH","KW","BH","MZ","LB","ZW","SN","RS","AO","UG","MG","BY","TZ","LT","BO","ZM","UY","BG","AL","NP","JO","RW","CY","MW","GN","CU","BF","AZ","PA","LV","KE","HN","IS","MK","BJ","NE","LU","EE","MT","HT","KG","SV","SI","TM","GE","BI","TJ","NI","LA","MU","TD","AM","PG","MD","SL","TG","BA","OM","JM","BW","CG","NA","GA","MN","BN","ME","GQ","LS","GY","GM","FJ","BT","TL","SR","BZ","SC"],"color Axis":,"map Navigation":}]" Statista, July 2019; Selected region only includes countries listed in the Digital Market Outlook","href":"https:\/\/ Item Names":["GB","US","SE","NL","AU","FR","DE","CA","FI","BR","ES","AT","CH","HK","NZ","BE","NO","IT","IE","CZ","PT","DK","RU","LU","CO","CN","AR","PL","IS","SG","IL","HU","KR","HR","JP","TH","EE","SK","LT","CL","GR","MX","CY","CR","MT","TR","MY","LV","DO","ZA","VN","PH","RO","UY","MA","BG","BH","QA","PY","RS","UA","MK","AL","SI","PE","IN","KE","MU","PA","KW","ID","AE","LB","DZ","KZ","GT","EG","EC","ME","KH","LK","CM","CI","GH","BD","SC","UZ","TN","BN","BY","MD","NG","BO","SN","ZW","AZ","ZM","PK","JO","SA","MM","SD","HN","KG","AM","BA","RW","BW","NI","MZ","CU","UG","TM","GE","SV","LA","MN","IR","AO","JM","TJ","BT","BJ","LS","ET","OM","GA","BZ","HT","TL","GN","FJ","NA","PG","SL","TG","IQ","GY","GM","GQ","BI","MG","SR","NP","TD","NE","BF","MW","TZ","CG"],"color Axis":,"map Navigation":}]"The “Revenue” tab shows a comparison of revenues for the leading economies in the selected market (market segment, region) and year.Looking closer at the frequency the online shopping stats show 25% of those who shop online do so at least once a month, and 16% shop online at least once a week. Chinese citizens spend a higher percentage of their salaries online than any other country. The majority of people visit retail websites on a mobile device but use a computer to finalize the purchase. Google has even released a ‘mobile-first’ algorithm update, which means that google crawls the mobile version of your website before the desktop version which is crucial for organic rankings & SEO .” —Lewis Peters, SEO Executive, Online Turf Of the millions of Americans who shopped online in 2018, 44% made an impulse purchase.Mobile devices make up 53% of traffic to online stores, but only 37% of the revenue. Younger consumers make many more unplanned purchases than the average shopper. adults that shop online, 84% have purchased shoes or clothes.The data is based on Statista's Global Consumer Survey.The Users by gender box shows the gender distribution of users of the selected market (market segment, region).

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