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“A estratégia é sutil e implacável, não será demais dizer que logo moldarão a percepção do nanismo neste planeta”, a assustadora afirmação de Mike Tampher faz parte do depoimento que este pequeno empresário cedeu para a Comissão de Investigação Cultural do Senado Americano.

Discreto, de vestimenta simplespara sua elevada faixa de renda, amável, Mika passa ao largo de lembrar a imagem de ex-Diretor adjunto do Conselho Superior da Liga do Nanismo Satânico, cargo que exerceu do final da década de 60 até o final dos anos 90. – Presidente até os dias atuais que Mike se nega a nomear, preferindo utilizar seu codinome – enxergou no que seria a aurora de um novo Aeon a possibilidade de libertação dos anões, escravos de arquétipos religiosos e sociais de uma sociedade de estatura mais elevada.

Discípulo de Anton Lavey, foi um dos primeiros membros da divisão de nanistas hedonistas da recém-inaugurada Igreja de Satan, na Califórnia. “Nossos rituais eram decorados com um Baphomet nanico e nosso pentagrama se inscrevia dentro do pentagrama original da ordem”, relemba Mike.

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Either they tell themselves things like, I'm not the kind of person who just gives up on somebody. Or they tell themselves that the good times outweigh the bad. They stayed frenemies for years because they got something from it. Soon enough, our older sister, Liz, would fly in and shut my door. J., held late at night in their bedroom after they'd both had quite a bit of red wine with dinner and a couple scotches. But Erin Mc Kean found it in one place much, much more than any other: young adult novels, targeted at teen girls, starting at around 2006. Pretty much the most famous example of a lexical gap is that we have a word for people who've lost their parents. But we don't have a single word for parents who have lost a child.And I go out there and drink wine with her and listen to fabulous music, and we just have deep intellectual conversations, that kind of stuff. The catalyst for the heaping portion of unpleasantness we're about to enjoy. It's particularly funny when the cuddlier types on reality shows are taken to task by the not here to make frienders.And it turned out that he was seeing both of us at the same time. And in the meantime, this guy had the sheer nerve to introduce the two women to each other, Erin and Julie. And things kind of exploded with the guy and they stayed friends, at first with him, and then after that, with each other, in this emotional purgatory that I think most of us would never put up with after our 20s, which is exactly how old they were. As though politeness is what's truly offensive in this reality world.And she found that half, half of our relationships, on average, are with people that we care a lot about, we feel positive towards, and we also have real conflicts and negative feelings about as well. Her relationships, romantic or otherwise, tended to end badly, and it was invariably the other person's fault. And I said to him, you should take me to Chile, I'm a lot more fun. She says the next citation of frenemy seems to be 24 years after Winchell, 1977 by the writer, Jessica Mitford.People talk about friends that are tons of fun, but can be really competitive. One day when I asked how Mark, her filmmaker boyfriend at NYU, was, she said matter-of-factly-- past tense-- he claims I tried to strangle him at the Lion's Head last weekend and now he won't return my calls. Truly jerky thing to say, and I apologized more than once, but apologies have never impressed Amy. ] Amy called me a couple weeks after they met and said she was seeing this new guy and that he had a really big-- you know. Mitford said that she and her sisters used the words as kids and they thought they made it up. The next citation is 15 years after that, 1992, in a book of word games.

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