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They developed a star system as a means of promoting and selling their movies.

"Star vehicles" were filmed to display the particular talents and appeal of the most popular movie stars of the studio.

Some mainstream Indian movie stars, like the Khans of Bollywood (Aamir Khan, The film industry of the Malay Archipelago (also known as Nusantara) consists primarily of film industries in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

For instance, in Asian film industries, many movies often run on the weight of the star's crowd pulling power more than any other intrinsic aspect of film making.

The Independent Moving Pictures Company promoted their "picture personalities", including Florence Lawrence and King Baggot, by giving them billing, credits and a marquee.

Promotion in advertising led to the release of stories about these personalities to newspapers and fan magazines as part of a strategy to build brand loyalty for their company's actors and films.

try to 'monitor' and 'shape' it, the media and the public always play a substantial part in the image-making process." According to Madow, "fame is a 'relational' phenomenon, something that is conferred by others.

A person can, within the limits of his natural talents, make himself strong or swift or learned.

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