Headgames in dating advice

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve known whose “bad luck” with women boiled down to something about themselves – something that was well within their abililty to fix.

When I’d point out their issue: a shitty attitude towards women, an unrealistic expectation of relationships or just plain being a selfish asshole – they’d come back with “well, women should love me for who I am.

And many times people do this to gain an advantage of a situation, to be in control, or to make sure that the other person likes them more than they like them. But the only way to that you should be open to dating someone or starting something new is to have an open heart and take that risk.

They usually do the latter because they’re You have to risk getting hurt in order to fall in love. And although it’s a big risk to get hurt, the reward could be great if you find your special someone and truly fall in love.

It’s important not to play games because it can hurt someone and it can also stall someone from finding the right person for them, and that person won’t need to play games in order to win their love, attention, and affection.

Anne Cohen is a lifestyle and relationship blogger based in Los Angeles, CA.

Do we need games in order to keep things spicy and interesting when dating someone new?

Do we need to keep the other person interested in us by being only partially our authentic selves?

And the right person will likely adore the fact that you showed your imperfect but perfect self to them early on and from the getgo instead of putting on an act—and that’s probably why they’ll end up falling in love with you in the end.

It’s all about perception and seeing things with optimism and a positive outlook.

As well, it’s about seeing difficulties and issues as challenges yet to be overcome, and never giving up, but holding on tight, believing, and keeping hope while pushing forward with a strong, resilient, and determined energy and mindset. I truly feel that playing games and gaining an advantage over a situation is easy.

It doesn’t do you any good to “just be yourself” if you suck.

Being told to be yourself means refusing to change, even when your current self is what’s holding you back.

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