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After the meeting, you will likely need to make revisions to your proposal before it can be submitted to the Graduate Division (Shelby Wong .If not there, place the form into the blue folder on the magnetic tray stuck on the outside the door) (note that it does not have to be submitted by the end of Semester 2, but it MUST be submitted before the end of Semester 3).During this meeting, you will give a short presentation or discuss the general outline of your proposal.

But the point is, you cannot begin research without first having a very good plan for how to proceed.

By the end of the semester your advisor and you should have a very good idea about what your thesis focus will be.

Depending on how fast things progress, and your interests, you may even begin some preliminary data collection or analysis.

These types of dating systems come from the people who understand and know what it is to live life with a disability.

Romance, love, friendship, it does not matter, you can find hope by looking for someone to turn the dating sites.

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