Harvest moon boy and girl dating guide

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Please send your emails as plain text or I shall not be able to respond. This is a Quick Reference guide to all Heart Events and Rival Heart Events in the new Harvest Moon DS game. Lumina: I heard through the grapevine that you bought a DVD player, is that true?

I have added a Walkthrough section to my General Guide under a section entitled 'A Perfect Game'. A little while ago I was on my way to the spring, and then I saw you.

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This section is intended for the player who wishes to experience ALL possible Heart and Rival Heart Events. My friends all played outside but I couldn't go out. But as I 've gotten older I've gradually gotten better.

Only eligible girls will have a gauge both for Affection and Friendship. Some one who would say such a thing is not a friend. There is a barrier as well here, and until you defeat all the Dark Creatures, the barrier will not crumble.

Affection refers to Romance and gaining points in this department will raise a girl's heart level. What you should do is create a pathway for yourself that does not allow the Dark Creatures to attack you, but yet will allow you to attack them with the Legendary Sword. Me: I wonder why she is sleeping at a place like this...?

Birthdays, and the Most Favourite Affection Point Gift as well as other Favourite Affection Point Gifts are given as well in the section for each girl as well as gifts that the girl detests. This guide is intended to make it easy for any player to raise heart levels quickly from the very start of the game.

This is not an exhaustive list of the items that the girls like to receive, but I tried to make certain to include some items in each case that would be inexpensive or easy to acquire. A section has been added to this guide that gives only the 1st Heart and Rival Heart Events for all eligible girls according to the day of the week on which they can be experienced.

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