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As they say in Wicked, “they deserve each other.” Let’s take a closer look…. The new dating site matches males who have Harvard MBAs with discerning females who do not.The best part, if you’re a cheap bastard and/or really taken by yourself, is that all the men have to do is sign up, free of charge, and the chicks have to pay for the honor of possibly dating you.. Date Harvard Sq is open to people who graduated from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and even those sorry undergraduates who were only able to obtain one Harvard degree.My first impression what that it would give me rights to rant about Greenwald c I first found this book last year perusing around my local library.I am in a committed relationship and much to his dismay (this expressed in a recent Tweet if you follow me there too) I felt compelled to read this book. Realize Greenwald is giving you a structure and inspiration to be creative and think outside of the box to find what you have had trouble finding.Of course, it also tells you something about the way the legal community is regarded by laypeople. A Harvard MBA shares her revolutionary program for using marketing tactics to find a husband after age 35. For many single women over the age of 35, the rules for finding the right mate have changed.

Interestingly, though the site is open to all Harvard men, the featured men are all members of the Harvard Business School community. Oh, by the way, if you’re a Harvard guy considering signing up: YOU. Now successful dating coach Rachel Greenwald shares her proven fifteen-step action program (simply referred to as “The Program”) based on the marketing tactics she learned at Harvard Business School.These innovative tactics will empower any woman to find a husband quickly and efficiently—and not just any husband: a wonderful husband.Many a Harvard man takes that approach to household maintenance, professional endeavors, and even dating.You’re not going to believe this, but some people who graduate from Harvard are real douchebags.

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