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He received an Emmy Award playing that role in 2005 and received four consecutive Emmy nominations from 2006 to 2009.

He also received a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination in 2005.

That's more realistic than not having one openly gay character, Asian or Latino."Y&R" is like their fanbase: aging, conservative and stuck in 1976.

Even the lighting makes it look like some fossil encased in amber.

That's a strange and unsophisticated notion of how these things work. We all know the uphill climb gay actors have to take to get roles. I guess after they got rid of eye candy JT, he became it.

Someone wrote this below the video: "Y&R never gave Kevin these kinds of scenes before I quit watching sometime in 2010. He could have been it a long time ago though."I find it hard to believe this soap opera does not have a gay character and I'm not talking someone like they had earlier that was there for a few weeks and is gone.

There is some rumor as he has been in a relationship with Famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

But they were "just friends."About what you'd expect, I suppose, from the producers of that show that takes place in an LA dress factory that doesn't have any gays working in it.

Who would have known that every black character on this soap is a highly paid top executive in a small Wisconsin town.

They have more black executives then the whole US together.

Greg is politically active supporting liberal causes, such as women’s rights and gay rights.

He has a net worth of million but his salary is not revealed yet.

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