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A background check is also performed because safety is one of Great Expectations’ main priorities.Robbins said she also terminated Hash’s Los Angeles membership when no record could be found there of any payment.The San Diego membership soon followed suit, and his original membership in Orange County appeared also to be in jeopardy when the office could find no documentation of it.But Hash, who said he did indeed pay but conceded he lacks much of the paperwork, said Robbins and other employees refused to deal with him.“What really irked me enough to picket them is that the director of their Encino office got a real bad attitude,” he said. He came at me like a raging bull, slugged me, choked me, and threw me into traffic.Hoisting a 3-by-4-foot sign that proclaimed, “I GOT RIPPED OFF BY GREAT EXPECTATIONS,” Hash protested outside the Los Angeles and Encino branches in an effort to have his membership reinstated. The guy clobbered me.”Ullman denied the account by Hash, whom he described as “a very emotionally troubled individual.”Hash said he would pursue the case through legal channels to win reinstatement to Great Expectations.“I joined this club to find Ms.

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