Gpupdate force not updating

Here is an example: Invoke-GPUpdate -Computer COMPUTERNAME -Force or $Computers = Get-Ad Computer -Search Base “OU=Brunswick, DC=Test, DC=local” -Filter * Foreach ($Computer in $Computers) The example above might not be the most practical way of initiating a GPUpdate.

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The only drawback to this method is you have to force the gpupdate on an entire OU (and any OUs nested in it). Though you can cheat a little by creating an OU and moving just one computer to it and then performing the same steps above.

Note: If you are looking for the remote version of GPUpdate in Active Directory Users and Computers, see this guide. If a logoff is required, this switch will initiate it.

/Boot: If a policy, such as software installation, needs to be applied – the boot command will reboot the machine.

However, this only works within Group Policy Management.

Because a good bit of my work is done within Active Directory Users and Computer, I prefer this method of running a remote GPUpdate. As you now know, it is very powerful and completely customizable to your situation and environment.

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