Glen hansard and marketa irglova dating

"It's a straight-up, genuine breakup song, but not about the passionate breakup, the ' I can't do this anymore! ' It's like the divorce proceedings, if you like -- Where are you going to live? You've had the big, passionate breakup, so now it's about dividing things up, the balancing act."Nevertheless, Hansard says, "I'm glad for that song, really. It's about that great recognition -- ' I've got to get out and you've got to get out and we've got to find our joy again, and whatever way we do that, I hope we can be mates.'" Due out Jan.

19, is a bit of an accidental album as Hansard describes it.

In 2001, she met Hansard, when her father organized a music festival in the Czech Republic and also booked “The Frames”.

Amidst the film-making, the duo fell for one other. The rest of it is more about friendships and people I know." But he does dig deep when writing about himself, as evidenced by "Setting Forth," which is premiering exclusively below."It really took a lot out of me, that song," Hansard tells Billboard.It came from an ad hoc session Hansard and his band did at Jeff Tweedy's studio while touring to support his last album, 2015's Grammy Award-nominated "We just went in and put down a bunch of ideas and didn't think too much about it," Hansard recalls.The tapes wound up going into storage and didn't surface until earlier this year, when he started thinking about his next album and took a listen to the work they'd done.

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