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When you access a geo-blocked site like, the DNS server will redirect some of your traffic through a tunnel.There are lots of VPNs out there to choose from, but for bypassing geographic restrictions and allowing you to watch something from another country, we’ve had the best luck with these two VPNs, which we’ve tested extensively for watching streaming media and services from another country: Both of these clients have easy ways to switch between countries, can connect with a single click, and they’ve both got 30 day money-back guarantees, so if one of them doesn’t work for the particular service you’re trying to get to, you can get your money back and try the other one.RELATED: Those are our favorites, but feel free to search around and look for the best VPN provider for you.RELATED: If you’re a geek, you can set this sort of thing up on your own as long as you have a server based in the appropriate country — probably the US.Use the netproxy Docker image or check out tunlr-style-dns-unblocking for a real do-it-yourself solution.

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