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I caught her just in time to keep the glass containers from becoming a strewn mess of glass all over the kitchen floor.

When she finally came to her senses, she asked me how long I had been there.

About mid day my wife, Vicky, came out in her very skimpy swim suit and just started enjoying herself when I happened to look over at her with some lewd thoughts entering my mind about Pam.

There would be Tom and his wife Pam, Bill and his wife Patsy, Fred and his wife Gail, Jack and his wife Karen and of course me and my wife Vicky. Five couples all told and it looked to be a nice weekend so we were looking forward to it all.We ate somewhere around that afternoon and then some of the hard liquor came out of hiding and we were all starting to get light headed.Of course the conversation eventually, as it almost always does, led around to the subject of sex.It sort of made me wonder if this was not a setup by the wives just to judge any reaction from us. I know I had wondered about what Pam would look like nude and now I was getting a preview of that very thing, in person.Of course the other husbands were also looking at all five of the wives with appreciative grins.

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