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The hospital is approached by a local TV station that wants to air a series of one-minute medical information segments in their local news program, once per week.

Victor Erlich (Ed Begley Jr.) is chosen for the job, and everyone wonders what he will choose for the topic of his first segment, but it's a secret right up to the minute of the live broadcast.

(If this is because Mr Garrison had been circumcised as a baby, it would be an example of Larmarkism, the discredited theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.) Thomas Ravenel ("T-Rav"), whose relationship with Kathryn Dannis was shaky until she became pregnant, announces that his son, St Julien Rembert Ravenel, will be left intact.

Victor presents the standard arguments, that circumcision is not painful, it promotes good hygiene, but some people just don't like it (he doesn't say why).

Karen (Megan Mullally) buys Grace (Debra Messing)'s boyfriend Nathan (guest star Woody Harrelson) a motorcycle.

GRACE: Uh, well, that's just - that's just really - that's part one of my present, and wait till you see part two.

Everyone at the TV studio (and everyone back at the hospital who are watching it live) are shocked and appalled to see that the bumbling Erlich has chosen circumcision as his topic.

His friend Shep Rose thinks the boy will be teased in high school gym classes."The big question, I suppose, is did we circumcise the child?Victor doesn't understand why, commenting that he thinks he did a really good job.RYAC: Well, your relationship would be much easier if youd both admit you are in love.TEALC: Perhaps one day when I am as wise as you are.

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