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ced Ublnfo System jb 1st pf 10-24 EXAMPLE #7 Brovs as/maritime Browsing S-MARITIME MARITIME LAW 46 MARITIME LAW-ADDRESSES, ESSAYS, LECTURES $ MARITIME LAW-ANTARCTIC REGIONS-ADDRESSES, ESSAYS ] MARITIME LAW-BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 MARITIME LAW-BIBLIOGRAPHY-PERIODICALS 1 MARITIME LAW- BRAZIL 1 MARITIME LAW-CANADA 1 MARITIME LAW-CANADA-CONGRESSES 1 MARITIME LAW-CHILE 1 MARITIME LAW-CHINA 1 MARITIME LAW-COLLECTED WORKS 2 MARITIME LAW-CONGRESSES 20 MARITIME LAW-CONGRESSES-INDEXES 1 MARITIME LAW-EUROPE, EASTERN 1 MARITIME LAW-EUROPE, WESTERN 1 Vformore, iforsubse Lelsej CR] EXAMPLE #8 BROWSING SUBJECT HEADINGS Seerchingsubject- ERIC 33 37 Rxample |9: We've got TITLK8 Inatoad of "referencea ■ or "ol tatlons ■ or whatever, and we've got SUBJECT. That's something for the diacuaolon groupa to connldor. 1975 ERIC 41 45 Example #17: We have a display that was an author search and shows titles associated. They are displaying the works underneath each author. It's kind of neat the way they solve that particular problem. Logan: You haven't made any comments yet about punctuation — I see numbers with periods, numbers without per iods .... The research suggests that there should be no punctuation. [I I] Computerert and animation forthe TRS-80./Heiserman, David L.c 1983. They have to have so^ feel for the scope of that service and the scope of that database. You get some feeling for how hard it is to get to helpful output. One record from Management Contents exists in three different forms on three services.

The quoatlona ares should the labels bo upper cane only? Should they bo capa with hyphens surrounding to indicate the length of the field? Centennial Centennial Centennial Centennial Centennial Greenwich, Conn., 1974 Nev York, 1974 Nev York, 1974DLC Lyndon, 197S Greenwich, Conn. They are usually shown in lower case, and in upper and lower case when you get over 26. [4] Anapproachtoautomated generation ol minimum coat dwelling uni* plans. [10] Computer-aided graphics and design./Ryan, Daniel L.c 19 79. First they have to know the service , then they have to know the database.

Question from the Audience ; Why are the authors' first names in lower case? Matthews ; Probably the index is all stored as upper case and they used a real quick and dirty approach to the display. Matthews: 'That would be a perfect candidate for a guideline. if you are supposed to start numbering sequences at 1 and you are also supposed to be able to browse backwards, what do you do for line numbers in that instance? An U for oomo renuon thoy chop off their display fairly quickly. In terms of sequence and labels they are all quite different.

Example 110: The display is in upper and lower case. Again we have no labels, but you notice the little string of periods helps you follow over to figure out what that is . Comment from the Audience : I'm a little troubled by the fact that this arrow prompt, which is typically a symbol to show the user where to type something, is used here as an indicator. Crawford : I want to go back to authorities for a moment. [ 1 2] Computerert and animalion./Thornburg, David D. 5 ■Lib UP ERLC 47 51 BXAmplo |23 s Thoco are no labolo for lino numhern or tltloa. They have to know what the record contains , how many fields there are, the scope of each field, and the definition for each field. The top one is BRS, the second is Dialog and the third is Orbit.

If you have a new technology that makes things a little bit easier for the user, use it. 1975 Economic growthin history: survey and ane J 1972 DISPLAY FULLTI DISPLAY COPIES HOLD TO PRINT PRINT ALL STEP BACK QUIT HELP III EXAMPLE #16 1. So about 300 files represent more than 200 unique publications. V33'*R, 73/340, 73/343R /""N DT - INVENTION PATENt OV AB - A MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED SENSOR SYSTEM FOr: AN APARTMENT HOUSE PERIODICALLY SAMPLES THE TEMPERATURE OF EACH APARTMENT AT ©PRESELECTED SAMPLE INTERVALS OF TIME.

But again, the guidelines are meant to say, if you are going to employ a technique, this is what you should do. Some of these databases are broken up by year; for example, INSPEC (for electronic information) is broken up by different vendors according to the number of years that can be managed in one file.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 275 338 IR 051 686 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS Williams, Joan Frye, Ed. Papers presented were: (1) "Suggested Guidelines for Screen Layouts and Design of Online Catalogs" (Joseph R. Cj Uglona; A nationwide Survey , N^w York: N Executives 6 it ems 2 Executives -salaries, pensions, etc 2 it ems 3 Executives- united states litem 4 Executives - united states -interviews 2items EXAMPLE #5 D 14 THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Yoursubject SOLAR GEAC LIBRARY SYSTEM SUB KEYWORD SEARCH matches 6 subjects 1 Architecture and solar radiation 2 Solar cells 3 S; -ilar collect on 4 Solar energy- Economic aspects 5 Solar energy- Economic aspects -United States No. Setting the numbers all the way over to the right side imposes some real constraints on the user. S4F7 Fry, Walter Bigtrees/by Wa Jter Fryand Jo Torepeat previous screen type PSand RETURN T o d et ermin e t h e I ocati on an d availability of a s p ecif ic till e, typ e ST= followed by the line number. ST=2 \ D1 1-3 v J EXAMPLE #14 NMBR DATE TITLE 0001 1964 Goneviththevind. " On this system, selections are made with a bar that gets moved down line by line. For the title Centennial we get separate listings for different editions. 44 40 ERIC EXAMPLE #15 EMILS/3000 Subject Economic 18 TITLES FOUND IM STRUCTIOM S: Press ROLL UP end ROLL DOWN to place atitle in the selction bar. The degree diys ind the frequency of furnice use provide in indication of the efficiency of the apirtment house heiting system. Apparently, the data logger can accumulate merali indicate like clients, there r. The temperature sensors continuously sense costs based on the weighted temperatures. 7 You can see that BRS and SDC, the top and the bottom, have field labels. They're capable of writing out number, title, etc., instead of just AN, Tl, etc. There are also a number of fields that are iu different sequence among the three. AD A MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED SENb OR SYSTEM FOR AN APARTMENT HOUSE ©PERIODICALLY SAMPLES THE TEMPERATURE OF EACH APARTMENT AT PRESELECTED SAMPLE INTERVALS OF TIME.

Report of a Conference Sponsored by the Council on Library Resources (Austin, Texas, March 10-13, 1985). ♦Design Requirements; *Di splay Systems; Evaluation Criteria; Human Factors Engineering; Information Retrieval; Man Machine Systems; *Online Catalogs; ♦Screens (Displays); User Satisfaction (Information) ♦Visual Displays; Visual Representation ABSTRACT Papers presented and summaries of discussions at a 3-day conference which focused on screen displays for online catalogs are included in this report. C2M41 Metca]f, Woodbridge Native trees of the San Francis SD397. AUTHOR Mitchell, Margaret Brady, Pes Mitchell, Margaret ERIC 43 39 Example #15: About the middle of the screen is a line that reads "The age of uncertainty. There is also a function key that lets them back up — or "roll up and roll down*" Example #16: We again have no labels. Here we are repeating the author Michener each time. Thi number of times thit the furnice his been called by each ipirtment is stored to provide an indication of the frequency of use of the furnice by eich apirtrnent. Prererably, CLch temperature sensor TS1-T5N apartment. Apparently, each apartment requires its own is located in thc return air plenum (not shown) or an analog computer circuit to effect the allocation or fuel 40 apartment. 33 ^ ^ ^ f ^ of ^ - A method of collecting energy information for a* •ftsrt* nl lifluftc having plural apartment! The sequence* is different, the coding io different, the fields that are used, the labels are different, ouc, Figure 3 shows tho three services 1 versions of the same record from Management Contents .

; A product of the Bibliographic Service Development Program. 42 38 EXAMPLE #13 Line* Call* Author DT=3 Title QK484. Hildreth : You say this is OK, but doesn't the user have to do a lot more work to make a selection using this approach? The on/off stife of a furnice calling device such as i thermostatic switch is also periodically sampled at the preselected sample intervils of time. Corresponding to each apart- : VTSN U located in one aparirrcnt in the apartment menl, there are several temperature sensors which are ,i OMe 12. Each indicating the performance or a heating system for an calling device OFCD1-OFCDN is located in one of the apartment house is automatically collected for evalua- apartments. 83 86 ERIC The loot example is from BRS (see Figure 13).• Points oi view or opinions statedin this docu- ment do not necessarily represent official OERl position or policy. 20036 June 1986 The conference described in this report was funded as part of the Council on Library Resources' Bibliographic Service Development Program, a program administered by CLR and funded by several parties: the Carnegie Corporation, the Commonwealth Fund, the Ford Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Lilly Endowment, the Andrew W. Sloan Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Machine- readable bibliographic data—Congresses, 3, Cataloging-- Data processing— Congresses. No data processing circuitry U in own in the drawings a form which is presently pre- located in any of the apartments. DO 87 ERIC Figure 13 DKS PATENT RBCORD *0PN US 4234927, PD NOV 16, 1980.0 @ Tl MICRO PROCESSOR CONTROLLED CENSOR SYSTEM FOR APARTMENT HOUSE. (5) AP 904173 MAY OB, 197B.(2) OR 364/557.0 XR 62/127. Vitt Media International presents in-depth or 9 of the top 100 markets.ONLINE CATALOG SCREEN DISPLAYS A Series of Discussions Report of a conference sponsored by the Council on Library Resources at the Lakeway Conference Center Austin, Texas March 10-13, 1985 "PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS MATERIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED BY Jane A. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Main entry under title: Online catalog screen displays, 1. The collected data is ferred; it being understood, however, that this invention stored on a day-by-day basis in a conventional tape 30 ^ n QI |j m j lc( j (0 lhc prcc ise arrangements and instru- cassette. Vitt has also profiled Reno, Nevada, selected as a rapid growth market outside the top 100.Matthews); (2) "Displays in Database Search Systems" (Fran Spigai); (3) "Critique of Online Display Screens" (Kent Norman); (4) "Online Catalog Screen Displays: A Human Factors Critique" (Christine L. of citations in entire catalog 1 3 2 1 1 Type anumberto see more information -OR- CAT -begin anevaearch Enternumber orcode: 5|(4 Then press SEN ^ ERLC 3i35 Example 16: Thoro are no labels for the line numbero or the headings. Maybe the number of citations needs to be between the line number and the heading, but then you are introducing some additional complexity. Example #8: We've got some upper and lower case data. EXAMPLE: ST=2anbd RETURN Formoredetailedinformation on aspecific title, type Bi=followed bythe line number. Press DISPLAY FULLtosee entire record DISPLAY COPIEStosee item information. 5 Gilms, 5 Dnwlng figures (The numbers In brackets beside each element on the first page refer to an International coding standard. with respect to the reference tern- W *rf«rsng to the dr.wir^. shown „ fly l degree days For only a single temperate sensing elc- » microprocessor controlled 1 1 e««r ay $cen i 10 according menl # to the present invention. the temperature in the apartments an J generate • set of The computation of internal degree days with respect analog apartment temperature signals 14 c*;.h or which to an external temperature norm is also known. Some services use codes, where others spell things out within the body of their record. THE ON/OFF STATE OF A FURNACE CALLING DEVICE SUCH A5 A THERMOSTATIC SWITCH IS ALSO PERIODICALLY SAMPLED AT THE PRESELECTED SAMPLE INTERVALS OF TIME.Borgman); (5) "Bit Mapped Displays and Online Catalogs" (Alan Kay); and (6) "Conference Summary" (Joan Frye Williams). *jscraen Displays for Public Online Syatema,* in Commaifid Mn^uage and 8of aaj) p i a p I ay a for Public Qn JJ^na^ aponaorad by lb a Council on Library Raaourcaa in Dublin, Ohio, March 29-30, 1904, Washington, DC: Council on Library l Unjpurcea, March 19B5, Joaeph R. Public Aeeeaa to On Una Catalogs: A P l anning Guide for Managers » Raw Yor H T Na~a T~Slfruiman ~, Hu** • Joseph R. I'm not sure that users would undocotand what the sequence of numbers Or 7, 10, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 moans. It says "searching subject," but again there are no labels for "the information. They designate fields which apply to all patents issued worldwide, anr' are used with PCT patent applications.) 34 ® PROM r38 7=5 r 28 10 ECDN APARTMENT HOUSE ERLC 83 86 IT Figure 10 PATENT RECORD — FULL PATENT 4,234,927 1 2 perature senior located in the aamt apartment. BACKGROUND OF Thu INVENTION 3 OU»ng device processing means convert the calling The present invention is directed to a microprocessor de^re digital lignal* into % sequence or digital words, controlled sensor system for an apartment house. A bank of temperature sensors The allocation or fuel costs among pluulnpartments TS1-TSN are located within the apartments of an in an apartment house is also known. The ways in which they show different fields also vary. THE APARTMENT TEMPERATURE SAMPLES FOR EACH APARTMENT ARE 'ACCUMULATED TO PROVIDE AN INDICATION OF THE DEGREE DAYS.

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