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Your Goddess knows that being put over a powerful woman’s lap with a stern stare will instantly regress him back to childhood and the fear and trepidation of going over his mother’s lap after a scolding for being naughty.

Dirty black girls getting nude holding a whip The feeling of being transformed back to that naughty little boy who knows he has done wrong and needs to be punished by the dominant female in his life is a powerful transfer of power and one which really cements just where he belongs in the pecking order.

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Anyone who has ever had a spanking knows that first few seconds after the first stroke is the worst. Then the heat but you only get a brief moment as the next blow touches down on your ass. You will try to move your hand but her vice-like grip withholds it out of her way to give her uninterrupted access to your bum.

You know her hand has struck but the pain does not register straight away. You will be powerless to stop her until she is finished.

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