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They enjoy having the financial and emotional power that might have been absent in prior relationships.

Most of these kinds of relationships are not designed to be long-term or start a family; they are simply for the enjoyment of companionship.

That’s because, in today’s Britain, if a man is accused of being a kiddy fiddler he’s guilty until proven innocent, and even if he’s subsequently acquitted, the old “there’s no smoke with fire” rule applies.

A tiny minority of men are grotesque sexual predators who deserve to be jailed for a very long time.

Inspired by the idea of a carnivore hunting down prey, part of the increase in "cougars" has been due in part to the success of the women's equality movement.It was interesting, and ultimately depressing that, amid the frenzied Teen Tatler-bashing yesterday, not a single female voice spoke out with that much-needed message.Perhaps the feminist assumption would be: "how dare these washed-up dads complain about the amorous advances of nubile, pubescent, sexually manipulative young girls?Ask her a quick question about your surroundings (not “Do you have the time?” if you’re wearing a watch and/or have a cell phone) which allows her to either start a conversation with you or politely express her lack of interest with a short response that leaves no opportunity to keep talking.

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