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I don’t get her.”MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T EVEN ASK ABOUT HER ANYMORE, LILY.But the bullshit has only just begun to rain down on Andy, because then self-righteous Nate shows up to give her a hard time.Not who goes to Medill is an asshole, but it’s damn close, as it is an institution that specializes in encouraging craven ambition among its students, and either forces onto or gently grooms into them a deep sense of entitlement.Now that we know the truth about Andy, it’s clear we can only expect so much.about 20 times, this scene gets increasingly more infuriating every time, because you really get to see what a bunch of opportunistic dickheads Andy’s “friends” are.First they’re ecstatic to be getting Miranda Priestly hand-me-downs in the form of cosmetics and accessories, before they start behaving like a bunch of children and play keep-away with her phone when Miranda starts calling. They flip out over their new swag and then immediately start mocking her for being dedicated to her job?You’re allowed to grow and evolve and realize that you were kind of an asshole at the start of this movie and you don’t have to be that person anymore.Maybe you’re getting Nate gets a pass on this one, because missing your significant other’s birthday is pretty wack. But saying, “Don’t worry about it” even after he stayed up just to dramatically go to bed in front of her is a “worry about it” move.

Still sticking to the line that you’ve got your girlfriend’s best interests at heart, Nate? Andy reasonably responds by telling him, “It doesn’t make sense throwing away all those months of hard work.” Damn right it doesn’t make sense!) and they get e mails from her at 2 am and she’s still at work (because Miranda is probably traveling internationally all the time and that’s what assistants do). Surely it’s not helping your stressed, broke and over-worked daughter to be told she’s doing a job that’s beneath her.He also says she doesn’t write anything and then goes for the classic not-living-up-to-your-potential put down: “I’m just trying to understand why someone who gets accepted into Stanford Law turns it down to be a journalist, and now you’re not even doing that.” Andy tries to explain how many connections she’ll make and this job and says, “This is my break. He gives her money and that is nice, but hopefully by the next time they have dinner he’ll be able to muster a little more encouragement and a little less over-the-top-of-the-glasses judgement.But this is also a challenging year for both of them and a hugely formative time in their professional lives. First, Andy has to face down Lily, who catches her making eyes at the sexy/smarmy writer, Simon.Nate needs to adjust his expectations during hell year and stop pouting so much. She brought you a cupcake with a candle and that’s not nothing. Lily, who loved Andy’s job when it got her free things, suddenly decides she doesn’t even her friend anymore, “The Andy I know is madly in love with Nate, is always 5 minutes early and thinks Club Monaco is couture.” That last part is kind of bitchy and beside the point, but Lily goes on, “This person, this glamazon who skulks around in corners with some random hot fashion guy?

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