Extortion online dating

That is solid evidence you can take to police, or to court. Standing in front of a state prison in Columbia, South Carolina, U. Attorney Sherri Lydon told reporters that five inmates had been indicted on federal charges including extortion and wire fraud. — Five inmates in the Carolinas extorted more than half a million dollars from military personnel throughout the country, using illegal cellphones to pose as women on dating sites, authorities said Wednesday.Ten others throughout the Carolinas have been charged with helping inmates collect extortion payments via services including Western Union or Pay Pal.1 security threat inside his institutions, as they allow inmates the unmonitored ability to communicate and potentially continue their criminal endeavors.

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In many cases, our experts can track down the domains, service providers and IP addresses used to commit extortion, pinpointing the original source of the crime.

Fearful they’d be accused of disseminating child pornography, possibly losing their military careers, more than 442 service members handed over more than 0,000 total, authorities said.

Lydon said the victims come from all branches and ranks of the military.

The inmates, who were indicted this month, used smartphones that were smuggled into prison to create profiles on social media and dating sites to lure in service members, Sherri A.

Lydon, United States attorney for the District of South Carolina, said at a news conference in Columbia, S. Ten other people were charged with assisting the inmates in obtaining money they demanded from the service members, according to court documents.

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