Exchange adsi not updating

As long as you know the distinguished name to an AD object, you can reference it in Power Shell.When we ended last time, we were beginning to look at AD user objects.There is an alternative that takes a list of property names and then creates an ordered hashtable. The [ordered] directive keeps all of the properties in the same order. If the Access Control Type is set to Deny, then the user cannot change their password. Let’s put all of this together into a single function.This will create a custom object with a user’s LDAP properties.Outlook Anywhere is enabled and I've tried both NTLM and basic authentication, as well as forcing basic authentication by manually configuring server settings in Outlook.I've verified authentication in all IIS virtual directories except for "Exchange," which gives me an error "configuration section not allowed to be set below application." I compared this with another client's Exchange 2010 web.config file and they are identical at the line indicated in the error.

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To display user properties, I have been using Select-Object to expand each property value.Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.This behavior is caused because every internal message send/received in the orgn, will have the recipient info resolvable normally to the Legacy Exchange DN attribute.With Dir Sync in use the editable copy of the user object is on-premises and most attributes cannot be modified in the cloud.The above attributes are not the full and exclusive list of attributes and values that you need to set.

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