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Which is a trait I'm somewhat jealous of, b/c I wish I could just trust people and hope for the best right off the bat, instead of starting from the other spectrum, as most ENTPs do.

Her faith in humanity has made me look at my own lack of faith and reevaluate myself.

If my partner is too busy focusing on not upsetting me, I will eventually get bored.

My final bit of advice is to stop looking so hard and just do you boo.

When I was 22, I just took each day and each dude as they came (hah).

Is there really a particular to be a long-term relationship? I always enjoyed myself far more when I didn't think about the long-term - that is, until I met a particular person who put those thoughts in my head post facto. I've been with an INFJ for 12 years and it works, but I'm telling you what, it's a rare relationship, b/c she totally takes care of me, but her unyielding loyalty and belief in my craziness attracts me to protect her from her gullibility.

At the same time, its infinitely harder for me to find a sensor that I actually click with than, rather than an intuitive.

Even in the relationship with the ESFJ, there was a longing for a partner with a similar sense of creativity and curiosity that most sensors just don't have. As a fellow young, female ENTP who is happily married (! I always found that I always went for fucking douchebags.

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I'm sure you aren't this type of person, but it's easy for us NE-doms to try to forecast what's going to happen in the future.It results in pushing me away, even when i try to be patient and feel things out.I spent a year or two maintaining autonomy and sleeping around, and now I'm over that. One: I wanted a relationship too badly; it came across as desperate. your age) are generally NOT looking for a serious relationship; they’re in “play” mode for a long ass time...I recognize that I am the common denominator in these situations, and I was wondering if any fellow ENTPs could offer any advice for other ENTPs in regard to the dating world.Thanks in advance :)edit: probably should add that i'm a 22 year old college girledit 2: A lot of guys are emotionally unavailable, and I realize this when I'm already in too deep. They seem clingy/needy, & I feel pressured by them to match their energy/reciprocate what they're feeling before I know if it's mutual.

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